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Court Grants Bremer Motion for Non-Suit

After 7 days of trial, the Los Angeles Superior Court in Long Beach, California in Albillo v. Ports O’Call Restaurant Corporation, et al. (Case No. NC044391) granted Keith Bremer Motion for Non-Suit. Plaintiff alleged that he tripped on a 2 inch depression located on a walkway on defendant’s premises. Plaintiff asserted and provided evidence that the walkway was a dangerous condition at the time of the incident. As a result of the incident, Plaintiff sustained a confirmed traumatic brain injury. Mr. Bremer successfully argued that Plaintiff had not met its burden of proof. Mr. Bremer argued that Plaintiff had not established that the defendant had the requisite notice of the alleged dangerous condition. After citing the appropriate legal authorities, the Court granted the Motion for Non-Suit.

Congratulations to Mr. Bremer and the client as a Non-Suit is a rare feat.