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Victory in Nevada

In a landmark case, Nevada Partner, Karen M. Baytosh represented the defendants in Columbia Channel Gold Mining Company v. Kubich Lumber Company. Plaintiff Columbia Channel Gold Mining Company claimed that timber harvesting performed for more than 15 years, violated California government regulations. Baytosh argued that, among other things, the California Fire Inspectors signed a Director’s Certification for each timber harvest plan, which confirmed all work met the requirements of Forest Practice Act and the forest practice rules.

The jury ruled in favor of Ms. Baytosh’s clients, stating that the work was lawful, sparing land owners, licensed timber operators and professional Foresters throughout California from filing bankruptcy and having to pay millions in damages. Ms. Baytosh’s clients were also awarded over $600,000 in attorney’s fees. This is an exciting victory for both the firm and the industry. Congratulations to Ms. Baytosh for a job well done!