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Prenuptial Agreements - How To Start The Conversation

Asking a spouse to sign a premarital agreement can be an uncomfortable and awkward conversation to begin. Although there are legitimate and very practical reasons having a premarital agreement in place, the topic may be received with distrust and mixed emotion. Take the time and thoughtfulness to visit a Bremer Whyte attorney, who will help provide a comfortable environment for you and your future spouse. When explained properly and reasonably, both parties will fully understand the need to have a premarital in place.

When starting the conversation, consider the following:

  • Be open and Honest: If you want your future spouse to understand your reasoning, it is important to be completely transparent. Be honest about your concerns, share any family influence that may be due to business, and explain the emotion behind it. AND, listen to their thoughts in an open, honest conversation. Your partner may identify an additional reason to have such a document in place. Start your marriage off well with truth, compassion and honesty.
  • Be prepared: Take the time to know WHY it’s important to have a premarital in place. This will help you with both understanding and explaining your wishes as stated in the documents. If you are able to explain yourself, you will also know which items are open for compromise and modification vs. the items that must remain on the table. This may cause the greatest amount of emotion, however, you will be glad that you know where your partner stands on pressing issues that arise during your lifetime together.

Take the time to plan ahead with conversational contingencies. If you have immediate questions or need guidance on what you should address in your premaritals, please contact Nicole Whyte at or by phone at (949) 229-8546 to schedule a consultation today.