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When a couple reaches the point at which the marriage has come to an end and divorce is imminent, it is important to seek counsel from a specialized divorce attorney to navigate the legal system. At Bremer Whyte Brown & O'Meara, our experienced divorce attorneys in Newport Beach can guide you through every step of this process.

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What Is a Marital Dissolution?

Each state has its own laws which apply to the dissolution of a marriage, otherwise known as divorce. While courts will often use “marital dissolution” and “divorce” interchangeably, it is important to know the law and divorce process that applies to your specific location. For example, in California, you can file for a divorce if you claim “irreconcilable differences” with your spouse or domestic partner. Because there is no “guilty” party, California is known as a “no-fault” divorce state.

A divorce is a legal dissolution of a marriage by a court or other appointed entity. All cases have the potential to become extremely complex, costly, and time-consuming. Feeling weighed down with the emotional stress of having to sift through the relationship is not uncommon.

Divorce can typically involve the following matters:

What Is a Contested Divorce?

Divorce cases typically fall into two categories: contested and uncontested. Contested divorces are when the parties cannot come to a mutual agreement on some aspects of the divorce. This can potentially complicate the divorce proceedings, extending the process significantly and involving greater hardships and increased legal fees.

Contested divorces in California can require spouses to go through numerous steps before the marriage can be ended.

Some of these steps include:

  • Preparing, filing, and serving a divorce petition, which is a legal document requesting the divorce and stating the grounds for the marriage to be dissolved
  • An initial consultation with and hiring of a divorce lawyer
  • The divorce discovery process, which includes gathering information from your spouse and witnesses
  • Pre-trial motions and hearings
  • Settlements and negotiations between legal counsel on matters such as child custody and visitation rights, spousal support, property division, and other relevant matters
  • Family court trial
  • Appeals

An uncontested divorce can result in a quicker and less costly process for terminating a marriage when the parties are in agreement regarding all terms of the divorce and are able to work amicably toward a mutually agreeable resolution.

Why You Need an Attorney

From the outset of separation, having a divorce attorney in your corner to assist in protecting your rights and, in the event there are children, to ensure that the children’s best interests are properly considered and weighed is essential. Our experienced Newport Beach divorce attorneys can advocate for your interests while we ensure that your dissolution process is handled in the most amicable, expeditious, and cost-effective manner possible.

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