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Tips to Survive the Workday While Going Through a Divorce

For most, divorce is generally an emotionally trying experience that can be very disruptive and negatively impact daily life. However, the world still turns and work needs to get done. It can sometimes seem impossible to get through the workday while overwhelmed by the range of feelings you might experience, such as anger, depression, defeat, or loneliness. Since everyone still needs to make a living even while dissolving their marriage, it is crucial to learn ways to cope and survive throughout the workday, so you can continue to get the job done.

Here are some tips that will get you through the workday while you power through the divorce process:

  • Make your desk a clean slate: We all tend to decorate our desks with keepsakes and mementos that have significance in our lives. You probably have a photograph of you and your spouse or something that reminds you of your marriage on your desk. To ensure you do not end up fixating on any memories that might weigh you down, you should start with a clean slate and remove anything from your workspace that might remind you of your spouse. Populate your desk with items that make you happy and do not have any marital baggage attached to them.
  • Do not check divorce-related messages: You might be tempted to check texts or emails that contain information regarding your divorce or your spouse, but if the news is particularly bad, it will likely derail your entire day. Many cannot afford to lose an entire day of work, so to keep this from happening to you, save these messages for later. Let your divorce attorney know you will not respond to messages until you are off work unless something is particularly urgent and requires your immediate attention.
  • Keep busy: Idleness is a great way to end up focusing on all the things you would rather not think about. Instead of letting your mind wander, stay busy, and always make sure you have a task to work on. That does not mean you need to practice avoidance throughout this entire process. To the contrary, you should work through your emotions in a healthy way and confront them head-on. However, you do not need to do this at work and jeopardize your ability to be productive.
  • Remember to take a break: You need to get out of your head now and then, especially if you are having a down day, so remember to take breaks. Go for a walk, listen to some music, and clear your mind.

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