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Bremer Whyte Brown & O'Meara delivers high-quality family law representation to individuals and families in and around Newport Beach. We believe that ethical, creative, thoughtful, and tactful solutions for each of our clients help them meet their business, financial, and personal goals. Read on for more information about some of the cases we've handled and the results we've achieved, then give us a call at (949) 229-8546 to schedule a consultation.
    • Concealed Income/Fraud Case Resolved

      In a post-Judgment modification of support proceeding, BWBO moved to set aside a Stipulation and Order on behalf of their client, Husband, based on fraud committed by Wife in not disclosing her true income at the time the Stipulation and Order was entered. BWBO discovered that Wife had concealed her true income at the time the Stipulation and Order was entered, four years prior. Wife was actually making seven times the amount of income than what the Stipulation and Order was based on resulting in Wife receiving a windfall of support she was not actually entitled to. The court found that Wife had concealed her income and in doing so committed fraud. Based on the same, the court set aside the Stipulation and Order to Husband’s favor. The trial court’s decision was later upheld on appeal.

    • Custody Case Resolved

      BWBO prevailed following a 10-day custody/school choice trial in a case involving a special needs child. Following a 10-day court trial involving multiple educational and psychology experts, the BWBO team prevailed and received a favorable ruling on behalf of BWBO’s client, the father of the special needs child.

    • Domestic Violence Case Resolved

      BWBO successfully defended a Father in a domestic violence action brought by his former Wife after a multi-day trial. Wife contended that the Father threatened her and her boyfriend, as well as a daycare provider. BWBO was able to discredit the testimony of all witnesses through cross examination and to convince the court that the Father did not commit actions sufficient to justify a restraining order. This protected the Father’s custodial time with the parties’ 9 year old daughter.

    • Domestic Violence & Child Custody Case Resolved

      Bremer Whyte Brown & O'Meara, LLP is proud to announce Associate Jocelyn Russo zealously represented their client in a domestic violence matter, resulting in the issuance of a restraining order and favorable custody orders for BWB&O's client.

      BWB&O's client was stalked and harassed by her Husband for several years. The perpetrator denied all allegations and alleged that BWB&O’s client had no proof of harassment or stalking. Ultimately, the Court sided with BWB&O's client, finding that Husband had followed his Wife, stalked her through electronic means, and engaged in coercive control to the point that her peace was significantly disturbed. A restraining order was issued, Husband was ordered to move from the residence, and BWB&O’s client was awarded sole legal and physical custody of the minor children.

    • Increased Support Order Case Resolved

      BWBO prevailed on behalf of our client by successfully obtaining orders that her Husband, who voluntarily took a pay cut to relocate to another country, be imputed with the additional income he could have earned. This resulted in an increased support order for BWBO’s client which amounted to several thousand dollars per month.

    • Inheritance Issue Case Resolved

      BWBO prevailed on behalf of a Husband in a dissolution after a three-day trial in which the presiding judge granted BWBO’s motion for a Judgment against the Wife on several crucial issues. Wife alleged that Husband defrauded her during the marriage after he retired at age 55 and kept his inheritance funds separate. BWBO was able to dispose of these claims quickly and in our client’s favor.

    • Judgment of Dissolution Case Resolved

      In a post-judgment marital dissolution matter BWBO successfully defended against Wife’s attempt to set aside the Judgment of Dissolution two years after entry of Judgment. Wife sought to be awarded millions of dollars representing what she claimed to be her share of several business interests, the value of which she claimed to have been undisclosed in the marital dissolution action. Husband contended that the business interests were his separate property and that Wife was aware of the values of the business interests at the time of the Judgment. Based on the same, Husband contended that Wife was not entitled to relief from the Judgment. The court sided with Husband and upheld the Judgment.

    • Marital Dissolution Case Resolved

      In a marital dissolution matter involving spousal support and the valuation of Husband’s business interests, BWBO prevailed after a contested hearing by receiving a favorable ruling mandating that Husband amend his Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure and provide records requested of Wife’s forensic accountant within thirty days.

    • Property Issue Case Resolved

      BWBO prevailed in a 3 week trial involving a Pereira/ Van Camp claim by wife who sought a ruling that the community had acquired shares in Husband’s separate property business over the course of a long term marriage.

    • Property Issue Case Resolved

      In a marital dissolution matter, Husband sought a Court order to sell the marital residence where Wife resided based on his alleged inability to maintain the costs associated with the residence. After a contested hearing, Husband’s request was denied because BWBO convinced the Court there was no risk to the community property as Husband was utilizing his income to pay for his own lavish lifestyle as opposed to maintaining the community residence where Wife resided.

    • Spousal Support Modification Case Resolved

      BWBO prevailed following an 8 day trial in a Post Judgment support modification and action for injunction and declaratory relief. BWBO represented the former husband in an action brought by the ex-wife. The ex-wife sought to appoint a provisional director to the company that the former spouses owned equally after divorce. Husband contended the director was biased and had a conflict, and sought to enjoin the appointment and have the court appoint a neutral director. BWBO prevailed on behalf of the husband, successfully defeating the ex-wife’s request for spousal support modification, and also receiving a favorable trial ruling enjoining the appointment of wife’s selection of director with a new order appointing an unbiased and neutral director.

    • Wife Request Husband Pay Attorney Fees Case Resolved

      In a post-judgment proceeding, BWBO’s client earned approximately eleven times what Wife earned. Wife requested that Husband contribute $90,000 toward her attorney’s fees. BWBO successfully mitigated the amount our client would have to pay in attorney’s fees. After a contested hearing, the Court was convinced by argument, and reduced the award to $32,000.