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The Importance of Consistency for Children After Divorce

Divorce is a tumultuous and uncertain time for children. As parents, it is your job to help create some consistency and predictability in their lives to ease their anxieties and fears in the aftermath of your split. However, now that you and your former spouse live in two separate households, consistency will be difficult to achieve without collaboration. You and your ex must work together to create a set of consistent rules and routines for your children to help establish security in their newly changed lives.

How Consistency Benefits Your Children

Predictable routines and consistency help establish safety and security for children, especially as your family wades through this time of uncertainty. Children are not equipped with the tools to effectively respond to stress. By creating a reliable and consistent environment, you can help alleviate their stress.

Moreover, routines will help your children develop better habits and strong boundaries. For example, instead of enduring a nightly battle over when your children brush their teeth, an established routine will ensure they know exactly what is expected of them, minimizing conflict.

Here are some questions you should consider when discussing routines with your former spouse:

  • When your children fail to obey the rules, what are the consequences?
  • Are there any rewards for good behavior?
  • Are there any issues that warrant some flexibility?
  • Should one parent be responsible for handling specific issues?
  • How should you communicate these rules and routines to your children?
  • Are there any possible downfalls to your approach?
  • What are the benefits of your approach?

If the routines you initially create do not work, you can always revisit the issue and make adjustments. However, it is crucial to get started on this discussion as soon as possible for their benefit.

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