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Custody the Best Interest of Your Children

A long, drawn out child custody battle can be both financial and emotionally draining for the adult parties involved. But more importantly, it can be a difficult experience for children to handle as they comprehend the changes going on around them. Their routine is dramatically altered, they have to split time between parents and often times there will be a change in where they consider home. Your actions during this transition can have a lasting impression on your children, so it’s important to remain thoughtful in your actions and your words. Consider the following:

Make your Children THE Priority – Learning about a divorce can cause great stress for children, especially when it comes time to tell them about the divorce. Be sure to ask them about their thoughts, feelings, and needs during this time. Take your children’s input into consideration when you negotiate the terms of your custody arrangement. If one parent plans to move out of the area, the details of any timesharing agreement will impact where the children go to school, when they are able to spend time with friends, and can even cause feelings of guilt for children. Allowing your children to talk about their concerns is a proactive way to help minimize behavioral changes than can manifest as a result of the divorce, and can also help you to make better choices about which terms to include in your parenting time agreement

Keep it Cordial – Despite the reasoning for your, it is important to remain civil during your interactions in front of your children. Seeing conflict between parents can be hard for children to understand, and a divorce can cause a great deal of stress for your child. Making a good faith efforts to project a friendly appearance between parents can go a long way for some children.

Take the time revisit your child custody agreements with a Certified Family Law Specialist that that can help you make the best decisions for your children. If you have immediate questions or need guidance on what you should address in your child custody and visitation agreements, please contact Nicole Whyte at or by phone at (949) 229-8546 to schedule a consultation today.