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Mediation - How Bremer Whyte Can Help to Resolve Your Case Despite Court Closures

As we are all aware, the times are unprecedented. The global pandemic has resulted in extended physical distancing and has had a significant impact on our economy. Though it may feel as if some aspects of life are at a complete stand-still, there are several options for moving your family law case toward and into a resolution during this time. Resolving a family law matter during these uncertain times can offer emotional and mental calm and help to increase your financial security.

Despite the fact that courts in many counties, including Orange County, Riverside, and Los Angeles, are closed to the public at this time, there are many options for resolving disputes. One option that is effective both in the sense of time and cost is mediation.

Our family law attorneys here at Bremer Whyte are experienced both as mediators and as counsel for parties who opt to mediate a matter. The choices available for mediation are abundant:

  • Bremer Whyte’s attorneys are available to assist couples immediately with resolution of an entire matter or specific issues via phone or video. We can work with you on cost and approach so you can complete the process with peace of mind. We are equipped to handle mediations virtually, with the ability for each party to participate fully and completely by video or phone. We are able to share documents with you in real-time and to present and analyze alternative scenarios to make progress quickly.
  • An attorney from our family law group can be by your side during mediation, to help you understand the alternatives, how the law works, and what your future will look like depending on the substances of your agreements. We can attend mediation with you virtually, with the capacity to have private conversations so we can help every step of the way to ensure the result you reach in mediation is one that is in your best interest.
  • Bremer Whyte’s attorneys can work with individuals behind the scenes in preparing for and engaging in a productive and beneficial conversation during mediation with a third party you’ve already selected. We can work with you before, during, and after mediation to understand your best case scenario, how the law applies to your case, and what your position should be during mediation. We can help you to review potential agreements and the Judgment in your case to make sure you’re not missing anything and that you understand each and every provision and how it impacts your life.

Mediation is an effective way to move your case toward a resolution, or even to simply narrow the issues during the time the courts are closed to make it easier to move forward once things get back on track. Bremer Whyte’s experienced family law team can help you to take advantage of this downtime to bring your case to a close, making room for financial and emotional security moving forward. Contact us today.