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Newport Beach Alimony Lawyers

Finding Solutions for Your Spousal Support Issues

Every separation or divorce is unique, bringing with it various factors that are particular to the parties involved. As part of any California divorce, spousal support will need to be resolved by the divorcing couple and/or the court based on the financial facts and circumstances of the case. Alimony—also known as spousal support under California law—can often be a contentious matter that can add further stress to an already emotional and difficult situation.

Whether you are the individual seeking alimony or the individual who will likely be providing this support, solutions can be found to settle the matter with the right legal counsel. The Newport Beach spousal support attorneys at Bremer Whyte Brown & O’Meara have the family law experience, skills, and resources needed to represent your best interests, whether through negotiation or in court. As a highly-rated law firm by our peers, we work toward achieving our clients’ goals through sound legal guidance and performance.

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How Does Alimony Work in California?

In California, spousal support works by the higher-income party in a divorce making regular payments to the lower-income party. The purpose is to minimize the economic effects of the divorce and to ensure maintenance of the standard of living established during the marriage for the spouse who earns less.

Types of Alimony in CA

Two types of alimony exist under California law which may be part of the divorce process – temporary and permanent alimony.

  • Temporary Alimony – This type of alimony is paid to the supported spouse during divorce proceedings. Temporary alimony ends when the divorce has been finalized and a permanent alimony arrangement has been established.
  • Permanent Alimony – This type of alimony is awarded as part of the divorce proceedings. Permanent alimony starts when the divorce is finalized.

How Is Alimony Determined in Orange County, CA?

When calculating temporary spousal support, the courts follow the Santa Clara spousal support guidelines. The lower-earning spouse's net monthly income is subtracted from 40% of the higher-earning spouse's income, and the remaining amount is paid as temporary alimony.

Permanent alimony may be paid in cases where the marriage lasted longer than 10 years. It is not actually permanent, but is rather intended to support the lower-earner until they are able to support themselves. In cases of permanent alimony in California, the amount of permanent spousal support depends on a number of factors.

According to the California courts website, California spousal support factors include:

  • The supported party's marketable skills
  • What the job market looks like for those skills
  • The time and financial support necessary for the supported spouse to develop marketable skills and/or get a job
  • The extent to which the supported party's earning capacity was impaired by periods of unemployment during their marriage while devoted to domestic duties

How Much Is Alimony in California?

A variety of factors will be considered by the courts when determining the amount and length of alimony payments in California. Each case is determined based on the individual circumstances of the spouses.

In California, factors considered when deciding how much alimony is required include:

  • Length of marriage
  • Earnings of the paying spouse
  • The debts and other financial obligations of both spouses
  • Ages and health of both spouses
  • How much the supported spouse contributed to other spouse’s career in terms of training, education, etc.
  • How long the supported spouse was unable to work due to caring for children

Four Decades of Experience with California Alimony Cases

Both spouses should have competent legal support when it comes to navigating the complex issue of alimony. Our Newport Beach alimony lawyers have decades of experience in handling complicated family law issues. We are committed to providing you with aggressive representation in court coupled with a compassionate approach and focus outside the courtroom.

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