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Traveling With Your Children After Divorce

Few memories are as precious as those made with your family while on vacation. We all look forward to getaways with our loved ones, particularly our children. This presents a challenge to divorced parents who must figure out a travel plan which suits everyone involved. Even though you are no longer with your ex, you still have to consider him or her before making travel plans. While arranging parenting time, custody, and scheduling, it is essential you ensure all plans are legal under your custody agreement.

In some custody and visitation agreements, parents are not allowed to travel with their children on specific weekends or holidays. Even stricter agreements do not allow travel at all. If your agreement addresses when and where you can take your child, under no circumstances should you break the agreement. This is guaranteed to upset the judge who made order and lead to serious consequences, such as fines or even jail time.

Before you travel with your children post-divorce, make sure you are prepared for anything and everything by considering the following:

  • Keep your ex updated about travel arrangements, schedules, transportation, etc.
  • Have all necessary documentation in order, especially if you are traveling out of state or out of the country.
  • Make sure your ex is comfortable with the travel arrangements. Some parents take their children on vacation and fail to return at all. To deliver peace of mind, you can sign a contract which states you won’t break your divorce agreement even while you are overseas.

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